Learn Why Ethics CPE Courses Are Important and Where to Find Them

by | Jun 2, 2014 | Accounting

Many states in the United States require ethics CPE courses to be taken and passed, usually every three to five years, although some states don’t require CPE of any sort. If you live or work in a state where continuing professional education is required and are up for ethics retraining, you will need to know the rules for your state. Many states require a specific ethics course be taken or something else that is considered unique to that state.


Ethics is very important. It is somewhat similar to the code of conduct, though ethics is more about morals and doing the right thing. When working around money and taxes, ethics becomes even more important, which is why it is important to brush up on the reasoning behind the ethics CPE and learn about anything new going on.

Most states believe that repeating the ethics courses every three years will help remind CPAs about their moral duties to their company, their clients and the IRS. For companies that don’t require CPE, they generally think their employees have personal morals that will be comparable to those of their company. However, most companies don’t want to worry about their employees doing the wrong thing or slipping, so they required the continuing professional education.

Finding These Courses

Ethics courses are fairly simple to find online. However, you should consider what your state and company require. Many companies request that you take specific ethics courses that meet their needs and what the state requires of them. In some cases, the requirement only means that you have to earn a specific amount of credits in your ethics course to be finished and in others, it means you must do something else.

However, if your company and state allow you to take the ethics course you prefer, then you can go online to find courses that will fit your needs, your schedule and your ethics preferences. Many of these courses are specific for particular states, so it is important to read through each course and choose the best ones. You should also consider whether you need NASBA, Registry or QAS and choose those accordingly.

Once you have picked a course, you can either go ahead with it or consult with your company to ensure it is proper. Online courses work well, because you can work on the course when you have time.

Ethics CPE Courses are very important and there are many regulations regarding them. For online study, consider CPE Think.

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