Consider Taking CPA Continuing Education Courses Online

by | Jun 4, 2014 | Accounting

For those CPAs living in the appropriate states, continuing education is required for them to continuing having their license. These courses can be online or in-person and you should know a little about them before starting your CPE learning. Whether online or in-person, you will need a provider and there are some things to consider when finding one.

Finding Online CPE Courses

Online courses are very easy to find, though not every provider is the same. Each has specific things they do or do not offer, and it is up to you to find what you want and choose the right option. Continuing education is important if you want to keep your CPA licensure, so these courses should be taken seriously.

When searching, you will likely want to look at the courses they offer first. This will tell you what options they have available so you can make a decision. If they only have one section or less than 50 programs, then you should probably go somewhere else. Although you may only need five or so courses, you will want a variety to choose from.

Next, find out other things they offer. You want a provider that offers you help, has a wide range of materials that you can use along with your study material, and that will track your credits throughout the year. Not knowing how many credits you have and how many more you need can make things very difficult and it is important to keep track as proof you have completed them.

Finding In-Person Options

If you want a more traditional approach to CPA continuing education, you will want to find in-person options, such as conferences, seminar and other events. This may be more difficult to find, though you can start by talking with those you work with. If the company you work for has a bulletin board of all relevant information, you may be able to find CPE through there.

You may also search online for in-person choices. You will likely need to search by city and this can be slightly difficult, as most of the options you will receive will be for online providers.

The best way to find in-person choices is by word-of-mouth or by having been to them before. Sometimes, you can sign up for email alerts or text alerts when a new seminar is available.

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