Is Roadside Assistance on Your Auto Insurance Plan in Chicago Worth It?

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If you have ever been stuck on the side of the road, dreading the high cost of the tow truck on its way to you, you may be curious about roadside assistance insurance. There are many cases where your auto insurance plan in Chicago can offer you a roadside assistance policy, and you may want to take advantage of it. But not every driver will find that this additional insurance is worth it. Here’s how to tell:

What Are Your Options

If you don’t want to face another big towing bill again, you have two options: get an assistance policy through your auto insurance plan in Chicago, or get an auto club membership to something like AAA. Choosing between the two is where it can get tricky.

Consider How You Want to Pay

Do you want to pay an additional fee for your insurance policy, without any extra hassle, or would you rather pay a fee to a separate entity? Many drivers prefer the convenience of paying only to the insurance company.

Consider the Cost

However, many drivers also find that auto clubs are cheaper than insurance plans. A roadside assistance plan through your insurance company will often range from $20 to $180 per year, where an auto company may be cheaper.

Is Any Assistance Really Worth It?

If you are just reacting to a recent towing bill, consider that you aren’t that likely to need towing services again in the future. Here are some questions to consider about your car:

  • How old is it? If it’s less than five years old, you aren’t that likely to need assistance in the future. If it’s older, you may find that assistance is a more frequent need.
  • How much do you drive every day? If you just commute to work or run errands, you aren’t that likely to be in need of assistance. But if you frequently drive to new areas you may prefer the security of having a professional service on hand.
  • Is a quick fix worth the money? If you don’t have to have your car available 24/7, it may be worth the savings to not rely on emergency roadside assistance, and instead, go the old-fashioned route of getting a mechanic out to fix the issue. This could take longer, but it may cost you less overall.

If you aren’t sure if roadside assistance is right for you, contact us today to learn more.


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