Finding Discounts for Auto Insurance Latham NY

Finding Discounts for Auto Insurance Latham NY

When you are looking for Auto Insurance Latham NY, don’t hesitate to ask for discounts. Discounts can help you save a substantial amount on your premiums, which can help you get a policy with more coverage for the same amount of money.


Your job may qualify you for a discount. Jobs that require very little driving often mean a discount. Insurance companies have their own set of guidelines, but generally if you are a nurse, dentist, doctor, police officer, firefighter or teacher, you may qualify for a discount.

Some insurance companies have discounts for employees of certain businesses. You may get a discount on your car insurance just for being employed by a partner company.

If you work from home, ask for a low mileage discount. Since you don’t have to drive to work every day, your risk of an accident is much lower.

Credit Score

Most insurance companies take your credit score in to account when they determine your premium. The lower your credit score, the higher your premiums.

Paper Billing

Going paperless helps the earth and your wallet. Opt to have your statements emailed to you instead of mailed, and you can save money on your premium. Some companies also offer a discount if you drive a hybrid car because their drivers are seen as a better risk.

Safety Features

When shopping for an Auto Insurance Latham NY policy, be sure to mention your car’s safety features. Having air bags or ABS on your car can reduce your premium. You may also save money by installing an alarm system or fuel cutoff switch.Plan Ahead

Shop for a new policy before it’s time to renew your current policy. Some companies give discounts if you switch before your current policy expires. Try to shop around about a month before your policy needs renewed.

If you find a discount to switch, ask your current provider if they will match it. Some will, and you can save money and keep your current insurance company. Some companies also give you a discount for being a loyal customer, and this discount is often higher than what you would get if you switched.

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