Basic Tips for Finding a Financial Planner That Meets Your Needs

Basic Tips for Finding a Financial Planner That Meets Your Needs

Although handling money may seem simple, most Americans aren’t in good financial graces. If you’re looking to improve your personal finance, hiring a financial planner may help. These professionals analyze lifelong goals, structure long-term financial plans, and identify good investments for clients. Continue reading to learn trusted tips for finding a financial planner.

Never Shy Away From Asking Questions

In order to be hired by virtually any worthwhile employer, you will be interviewed. Many of the world’s most prestigious employers often subject employees to multiple rounds of interviews. View your search for a financial planner as hiring an employee. Even though they’re more knowledgeable about finances than you, treat the process like an interview. Develop a list of questions that you want answers to. If any planner doesn’t have enough time to answer them, mark them off your list.

Look for Credentials

It’s true that someone can be good at something without having credentials. However, you can be sure of your financial planner’s abilities by looking for credentials. Some of the most trusted credentials for financial planners include Certified Financial Planner (CFP), Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), and Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

Be Aware of Fees

Fee-based planners can charge commission for their services. Put simply, this means they receive payments from big companies to sell their stocks, bonds, or other securities. Find a financial planner that offers services on a fee-only basis. Fee-only means no commissions are involved.

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