Types of Services Offered by CPA Firms near Atlanta GA

When you hire a CPA Firm near Atlanta GA, they can customize the services they provide you to meet your specific personal or business needs. This can include day to day bookkeeping and tax services, as well as management consulting, auditing, fraud investigations and even serve as a chief financial officer to provide financial oversight for your business.

Auditing and Accounting

No matter how big, or small, an accounting firm is, their main services are going to include auditing and accounting. This means that they provide consultation for your business’s overall financial health. This includes tracking your expenses and revenues and consulting on your business financial health. A professional CPA Firm near Atlanta GA will also help you with long-term planning, regarding upgrading your infrastructure or buying property. It will also help you to determine what your cash flow needs actually are and how you can break even. Each of these services will help you to plan the next moves for your business, determine if you are making a profit and make important decisions regarding the growth of your business.

Planning and Tax Filing

Tax services are another area that a number of accounting firms provide. The accountants will help you decipher the latest tax codes to ensure that the way you are reporting your finances to the IRS are in compliance with the latest regulations. They will also determine the tax liability of your business and ensure that you meet all deadlines and filing requirements. The firm can also prepare your local, state and federal tax returns and help you figure out if there is any way that you can reduce the taxes that you have to pay.

Management Consulting

There are a number of accounting firms that also offer advisory services for businesses. This makes complete sense, since they understand your tax situation, financial standing and the business environment. They can use this knowledge to help you develop your business plan, evaluate your existing business operations, find new opportunities, bring changes in the regulatory environment or business to your attention and offer you practical advice that will help your business become less stressful and more efficient. A CPA can also help you determine your business insurance requirements, how you can grow smarter, how you can time your moves better and how to make better decisions regarding your finances. This helps to make your business stronger as it grows.

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