Things to Know About Getting Audited by the Internal Revenue Service

by | Sep 10, 2019 | Tax Services

You’ve probably heard of the term “audit” before as it relates to taxes. But what does it mean if someone gets audited by the Internal Revenue Service? If you don’t already know, that’s okay. Many people don’t know what an IRS audit is or what it consists of. Here’s some info about audits that every taxpayer should know.

What Is an Audit?

Audits, in simple terms, are checkups on individuals to make sure they’ve filed taxes correctly. In the United States, audits are carried out by the Internal Revenue Service, which will look to make sure you’ve reported all the income earned for each tax year that’s been selected and you can prove what deductions you’ve made are legitimate.

IRS Agents Rarely Chase People Down

In most cases, you’ll simply receive a letter that asks you to submit a few documents. Rarely, the IRS will ask you to pop by a local field office for an in-person meeting. Very, very rarely will an IRS agent visit your home in search of answers.

You Can Seek Help for Audit Assistance

The average person is thoroughly confused by filing tax returns. Many Americans pay others to file their taxes rather than learning themselves because of how complex it can be. If you’re selected for an audit, seeking tax audit representation in Chino Hills is likely a good idea. This especially holds true if you are required to attend court. In such a case, the IRS will be represented by an attorney specializing in tax law, so it only makes sense to seek tax audit representation in Chino Hills who can match the opposing attorney’s expertise and familiarity with the legal system.

Most Audits Come From Obviously Genuine Mistakes

If taxpayers accidentally enter the wrong address for their employer, misspell their name, or make a similarly minor mistake, the IRS usually requires audits. The IRS can tell that these mistakes are innocent and usually only require mail-in submission of documentation for them. Read our latest blog Protecting Your Elderly Ones From Scams.

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