Two Key Reasons to Get Auto Insurance in Tulsa, OK

by | Apr 12, 2017 | Insurance

Up to one third of drivers do not have auto insurance as of right now, which is a huge liability waiting to happen at any moment of the day or night. This is because insurance is designed to protect you and other drivers from hefty medical bills and a number of other financial problems. While your insurance cannot help you heal any faster from your injuries, it can absolutely help you enjoy more financial peace of mind while you heal and recover.

The Law

By law, all drivers must have current and valid insurance on the car, with liability being the minimum type of service required. Auto insurance in Tulsa, OK is often required to be full coverage by your car lender if you still owe money on the loan. Such coverage is to protect the lender from loss of money if you are ever in an accident.

If you are found to not have insurance on your car, you could be fined a hefty fee, which can make recovering from an accident all the more difficult. However, Tulsa auto insurance is typically cost-effective and highly competitive. Many companies offer large discounts if you place insurance on multiple assets at once, such as your vehicle and your home. Doing so can help you save money in the long run while keeping your property protected.

Keeping Your Car

If you were to get into an accident, and the accident was your fault, your auto insurance will cover the cost of the other driver’s injuries and vehicle damage. Such insurance will also cover all or a portion of your own medical bills and vehicle damage. If by coincidence the damage to your car is greater than its overall worth, expect to receive a check for the current market value of your vehicle, which can help you place a down payment on a new one.

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