Three Reasons You Need Business Auto Insurance in Oklahoma City, OK

Three Reasons You Need Business Auto Insurance in Oklahoma City, OK

Business auto insurance is not something you can put off if you have a fleet of vehicles or even just one work vehicle to protect as you run your company. If you own a small business, you are always on the lookout for better ways to cut down on costs, but choosing not to get this insurance should never be one of the options. Your specific circumstances will determine how much coverage you need, but you cannot do without it entirely if you plan to have a vehicle strictly for company use.


Business auto insurance in Oklahoma City, OK will not have the same limitations associated with personal auto insurance. Such limitations often exclude business-related risk, utilizing a livery exclusion stating that a personal policy cannot cover the use of a private vehicle to transport property or people to charge. However, an Oklahoma City business auto insurance plan can ensure you cover any and all company vehicles and their drivers to keep your investments protected during business hours.


Personal policies will not have the coverage you require for business needs. For example, the typical liability limit for a personal policy is a mere $500,000, but your business auto insurance policy will have twice that amount covered. Personal policies also provide rather limited protection for vehicles you do not own, such as rentals.

If you choose a business policy, you should be able to include a broad coverage option for hired and non-owned vehicles. Such a policy can also cover any and all loss due to used expenses or expenses in regard to transportation while your vehicle is stuck in the garage getting repairs. All in all, only a business policy can ensure that you get the reliability, coverage, and lack of limitations needed to keep your vehicles protected over time.

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