India Money Transfer

India Money Transfer

Money Transfer to India is a major concern for Indians abroad. When you think about sending money to India from abroad there are few things that you prioritize like safety, time, exchange rate and transfer fees. There are a number of options available for NRI’s Indians for money transfer to India. Some of these are money transferred through banks wire transfers, cheques, money transfer agents and online transfers.

Bank Wire Transfers

Bank wire transfers are considered safe and secure, but there is still a persistent fact that when you choose to transfer money to India through this mode it takes a lot of time to reach your recipient. This kind of transfer can be used when you have no urgent requirements to look into.

Cheque Transfers

When you choose to send a cheque back home to India, there are chances that it may take ages to reach. The process of cheque transfers take at least 21 working days and also the mail time for the cheque to reach India is adds to the delay. There is no assurance of the delivery and you might also have to keep checking with your bank for the status of the cheque.

Money Transfer Agents

This is one of the modes that are risky as there is no guarantee that the money will reach your recipient, as it can be lost in transit. Money transfer to India can be done as per the speed you choose by paying more of less transfer fees demanded by the money transfer agents.

Online Transfers

This is a revolutionary new mode in the world of fund transfer. A number of websites specializing in online fund transfer and have services you can avail in almost all countries in the world. So when you think of sending money to India, online transfers is a good option to go for! The option of online fund transfer is safe, secure and convenient. Website Url is one of the most trusted online remittance website for millions of customers around the globe. This online remittance service provider gives you the guarantee of good exchange rate and that of a ZERO transfer fees.

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