Further your Career as an Enrolled Agent

by | Mar 4, 2014 | Accounting

A Federal authorized practitioner is called an enrolled agent. Technically this means that they have technical expertise in taxes and are employed to represent taxpayers on examination, appeal, collection and administrative levels of the IRS. They can also play an integral part in tax consultations and can prepare state and federal tax returns. In order to become an enrolled agent, a person has to work for the IRS for five years or pass a three part Special Enrollment Exam. Continuing education is imperative for enrolled agents, just like accountants.

Take Enrolled Agent Continuing Education Courses

Enrolled agents must renew their licenses based on a schedule that is staggered. This is determined by the agent’s last digit of their social security number. Before they can even be eligible to renew their license they have to have had seventy two hours of continuing education credit hours in a cycle of three years. The minimum amount of credits earned in a year must be sixteen, with two of the credits from ethics courses. Enrolled agent courses are integral and must be taken in order to remain employed with the IRS. Being able to take them online is a great convenience to many enrolled agents. Since they must fulfill their requirements, it is essential to take enrolled agent courses that are not only high quality, they must also be offered in different time spans for every day of the week.

Enhance Your Enrolled Agent Education

There may be many enrolled agent courses online that can help you earn necessary continuing education credit. However, you need professional grade courses that cover federal tax matters and federal taxation. This includes many different courses concerning tax preparation and the software used, as well as ethics. Tax planning and federal tax compliance tend to be major topics for courses that need to be taken. Finding affordable courses that meet all of these requirements is possible when you take CPE courses. With a busy career it is important now more than ever to be able to take enrolled agent courses that are convenient and flexible.

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