3 Great Reasons to Hire a Professional Preparer Next Tax Season

If filing taxes is as simple as copying and pasting numbers from a W-2 form, it’s easy to do a DIY return. However, in more complicated tax cases-such as those involving self-employed individuals and long lists of deductions-going it alone may create more stress than it’s worth.

Here are a few good reasons to call for tax preparation services.

Confusing Tax Codes

The US tax code has always been chock-full of rules, but new regulations come into play every tax season. Because of these changes, many CPAs find it hard to interpret the rules-and if they find it difficult, the average wage earner will find it nearly impossible. By hiring a professional preparer, workers can benefit from the experience and insights of those whose job it is to know the tax code.

Saving Money

When people do their own taxes, they often learn how to maximize deductions. However, even the most experienced taxpayer won’t know as much as a professional who prepares tax returns every day. There are tons of deductions and credits available, some of which aren’t so obvious. And, while tax prep software is useful, it’s no replacement for tax preparation services in Marietta GA.

Being Ready for an IRS Audit

While less than one percent of tax returns are audited every year, it does happen. When they do, the benefit of hiring a preparer is that, in most instances, they’ll be able to help taxpayers defend their claims to the Internal Revenue Service. When people file their own taxes, they’ll have to fight the IRS alone.

Tax season is coming, and professionals are already receiving requests. The sooner filers find a qualified preparer, the more likely they are to get the tax help they need.

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