Why Western Union Money Transfer Services Instead Of The Bank

Most people still prefer to use banks and financial brokers to help them exchange pensions, paychecks, and other money. They choose to work with a representative of the bank and higher fees because those people are on commission. In most cases, it’s because they trust their bank and have used them for many years and don’t consider a change. However, banking institutions aren’t specialists in the currency exchange business and may be overcharging. Instead, the Western Union money transfer services could be the right choice for you.

Lower Rates

Whether you work from home and work for someone overseas or have investment properties outside of the US, you may find that these employers and tenants pay you using your country’s currency because it’s easier for everyone. However, that can cause your income level to fluctuate, depending on the exchange rate that day. Banks rarely focus primarily on international exchange rates, which means you could pay more and get less of your cash.

Pay Flat Fees

Again, most banks will charge their customers a percentage of the international transfers for their services. It’s considered the standard method, but they can charge up to five percent and call it processing fees. While these small amounts may not seem like much, they can start to add up if you use them every month. The Western Union money transfer services usually charge a flat fee for the transaction, which means it will be the same each time.

Easier For Everyone

Whether you’re sending cash or receiving it, you’ll find it easier to get or send the cash to those who need it. You’ll find a variety of agents and companies who offer such a service, which means you’ve got many options.

The Western Union money transfer services make it easier to send and receive cash from anyone. Visit Western Suburban Currency Exchanges, Inc. online at www.wsce.com/western-union for more information.

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