What do insurance companies look for when analyzing their risk?

by | Mar 11, 2013 | Insurance

When you visit or talk to a local insurance agency in Dexter MO, they, on behalf of the insurance companies they represent, are tasked with assessing the risk associated with having you as a customer. They look at a number of factors, which help them determine the chances of you becoming a claimant.

Insurance is nothing but risk; they do not see their customers as anything but a risk. When they review an application for any cover, they look at your past performance as a gauge of future performance. If you are looking to procure auto insurance, the insurance agency in Dexter MO will look at your past driving history and then attempt to make a “best guess” as to what lies ahead.

This is but a brief look at factors which are involved when an insurance company is attempting to qualify you as a prospective customer for auto coverage:
1. Driving history: This is the primary factor that the insurance company looks at in determining if they will insure you or not, and if they do, what premium will they charge. If you are applying for car insurance from an insurance agency in Dexter MO, and you have a clean record for six years, statistically you are less likely to be involved in an accident than a driver who has been involved in many accidents in the past. You will be seen as a low-risk applicant and the rates will be lower as a result.

2. The car you drive: The more expensive your car, the higher the premium to insure it. This is also true when you are looking to insure a car which is the target of thieves. There are cars, which statistically are involved in more accidents; sports cars are more prone to being in an accident than a family sedan.

3. If you have a new car with a host of safety features, you can expect a lower premium because the risk of injury in an accident is lower.

4. Where you live: There are parts of the country and are within cities where the risks are higher. Some communities are prone to car theft; others are more prone to vandalism. Living in these areas will cost you more when you apply for car insurance.

5. The coverage required or desired: There are certain levels of insurance that are mandated by the state, if your car has a lien against it, the finance company will demand certain cover and there are certain covers that you want.

The amount of the cover is important in determining the premium, the deductible that applies to every incident is also important. When you consult with an insurance agency in Dexter MO, all of the ramifications can be taken into account and a premium determined.

There is an insurance agency in Dexter MO that can give you the insurance cover you need at a premium that meets your ability. Mitchell Insurance can arrange cover for automobile, Life, Home and Business.

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