Understanding How You Can Make Bail in Gwinnett County

Understanding How You Can Make Bail in Gwinnett County

Those who get arrested and thrown in jail, will usually have the opportunity to place bail. Bond James Bond, Inc. has agents who will work with you to help get you out of jail. In order to be prepared for what’s up ahead you should be aware of some details.

Bail in Gwinnett County is a legal right that all citizens have. You have the right to pay your bail and be released until your next day in court. However, this right can be taken away from you if the judge sees fit. For instance, those who commit extremely heinous crimes may be looked at as being too dangerous to be freed once again. If you’re a repeat offender, and you’ve fled previously after being released, the judge may revoke your opportunity for bail as well.

Those who are lucky enough to have the right to make bail will have the option of paying it themselves or working with an agent. If the bond isn’t too high, you may be able to cover it on your own, however, some bonds are set pretty high. When most people are hit with bonds that are five and six-figures they generally opt to work with an agent that’ll handle their Bail in Gwinnett County.

Working with a bail bonding service is like working with a bank lender. You’re essentially asking for a loan in order to get out of jail. Just like any lender, these bail bonding services require a small fee. The fee is usually 10% of the bond amount, and needs to be paid before the bond can be paid.

If the amount of the bond is high, you’ll need to provide some type of collateral (i.e. a car, your home, jewelry, etc.). This collateral is used to secure the ‘loan.’ Upon receiving this loan you agree to abide by the orders of the court, and you agree to appear at all of your court dates. If you miss a court date, a warrant will be put out for your arrest. Often times defendants miss these dates by accident. If that’s the case, you bail bond agent can ask the courts to extend the bail, however, this isn’t a guarantee.



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