Tips on Commercial Insurance in Tulsa, OK for a New Business

by | Jan 6, 2015 | Insurance

If you plan to open your own business, it is important for you to meet with an insurance agent about the types of Commercial Insurance in Tulsa OK, you will need. Since insurance can often be quite costly, knowing the costs can help you in making plans for your new venture.

Commercial insurance coverage comes in a variety of policies. Your choices of policies will vary depending on legal requirements for the type of business you are in. For instance, if you make skin care products, you will need product liability insurance in case someone uses your products and develops skin issues. This type of insurance will help you in covering their expenses and, if they decide to sue, for long term issues as well.

Businesses that have technicians or others go to a customer’s home or office and perform work, will also need to have insurance to protect themselves from any damage or other issues the technician may create while there. Since the company is responsible for sending the technician to the house, anything they do while there can come back to haunt the business.

Commercial Insurance in Tulsa OK, also includes coverage for any types of motor vehicles the company may own. Cars, trucks, and more generally need insurance to cover both the vehicle and any damage the driver may cause. Having a commercial insurance policy for this is the best way to ensure all employees who drive the vehicles are covered.

Finally, most companies will need to have insurance in case their employees are injured on the job. While parts of these expenses are handled through the state, the business will generally need to have their own worker’s compensation policy as well. This will provide coverage if a person is injured or becomes ill due to the job they are doing.

Making sure your new business will be properly protected is something all new business owners should consider. Because insurance policies can vary greatly for a business, it is a good idea to meet with an insurance agent to discuss the options and requirements. You can click here for more info.


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