The Benefits of the Mortgage World

The Benefits of the Mortgage World

When you refinance your home or take out a new loan, you could pay out a certain number of points to your mortgage lender. These points are typically prices in the form of a percentage of the total cost of the loan. If you pay $250,000 for your home, then each one of those points will cost you a total of 1% of your home, which equals out to be $2,500. If the lender received these points, then this will count as a deduction.

If your loan was refinanced or you took out a line of credit through home equity, you can get a deduction for the points during the time you have the loan. Every single time you make a payment on your mortgage, a tiny percentage of those points goes into the loan. You can then deduct that specific amount every single month when you make your mortgage payment. If $4 of that payment went towards points, and you made 12 months of payments, the amount of the deductible would be $50.

Tax Credits

In a perfect world these would all be tax credits, but they are not. Nonetheless, there are a few tax credits you may qualify for if you are a homeowner. If you make your home more environmentally-friendly such as adding some sort of solar energy system, you may then qualify for a tax credit on the federal level for 30% of what it cost you to have these systems installed. You can also visit the website to find out what other rebates and tax credits may be available to you when you make improvements to your home.

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