The Basics of Construction Insurance Coverage in Kansas City, KS

by | Apr 25, 2017 | Insurance

Construction work encompasses a variety of occupations, and with diversity comes risk. While some businesses have locations, others can be held liable for harmful products. Construction business owners count on Construction Insurance Coverage in Kansas City KS to protect themselves against the risk of injury, illness and accident in today’s litigious world. Here, readers can learn how to protect their interests with construction insurance.

General Liability Coverage Protects the Business’ Assets

If third parties allege bodily harm or property damage and the contractor has no liability insurance, the business’ assets could be seized to pay a judgment. Liability insurance protects the contractor’s assets during a lawsuit by a third party.

Liability Coverage Can Keep a Business Afloat

With liability insurance, an owner has a survival plan. The coverage can ensure that the business will survive a court judgment, and it will pay settlements and court costs up to the coverage limit.

Insurance Provides Security

With liability insurance, employees and bosses can do their daily work with the knowledge that they’re protected. Construction insurance coverage in Kansas City, KS protects the business from claims against the company and its employees.

Protection From Bodily Injury Claims

As most contractors know, accidents can happen, especially when untrained people visit a worksite. With liability insurance, a construction business can get the protection it needs to defend against accident-related lawsuits. These policies pay for medical bills, compensation awards and funeral expenses if a victim’s injuries are fatal.

Property Damage Claim Protection

General liability insurance coverage protects construction businesses against the cost of legal action if there’s property damage or loss. For remodeling contractors, it is essential to note that property damage insurance usually does not cover damage to clients’ property.

Claims on Completed Products

Liability policies can protect a construction business from claims related to products and services. For instance, if a contractor installs unstable shelving that injures a homeowner, the policy would cover legal expenses and damages suffered by the customer.

Don’t leave the business’ security to chance. Contact an agent to assess the risks of the construction business, and to ensure that there’s enough coverage to keep it secure.

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