Sending Money from the UK to a Loved One in India

Sending Money from the UK to a Loved One in India

There are several ways to transfer money to India from UK:

  1. Bank to Bank Direct
  2. Money transfer agents
  3. Transfers completed through online portals.

Bank to Bank Direct

One of the ways to remit money to India is through the old fashioned way of sending a check. This method has become quite antiquated in comparison to today’s other methods of sending fund through a bank or online. The method of sending a check is a very long process as it can take up to three weeks before the check clears. Assured guarantee of delivery not provided. Requires follow ups with the bank. Exchange Rates are opaque and subject to a higher fluctuation. No tracking facility is available.At least 21 working days required plus the mail time taken by the cheque to reach India

Money transfer agents

This method requires registration with the third party providers. No guarantee if money lost in transit.Convenience depends upon agent availability & his working hours. Can send a maximum of GBP 2,500.Transfer fees are very high.Information on status depends on the availability of the agent. You can choose the speed of delivery. Pay more and get faster delivery

Transfers Completed Through Online portals

Online Money Transfers enable you to satisfy the financial needs of your loved ones quickly, safely and conveniently from across the seven seas. Cutting edge online money remittance service is far better than the traditional money transfer options like cheques, money transfer agents and bank wire transfers. The service is user friendly, provides global coverage, multiple payments & delivery modes and above all, it has the lowest service charges.

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