Selling Judgments for Cash Gives You Fast Money

When standard debt recovery methods fail, some creditors will file a lawsuit to collect the debt. If the court sides with the creditor, it will award the creditor a judgment. A judgment grants the creditor the right to use more forceful debt collection methods such as placing the judgement on the property of the homeowner.

Mayflower Judgments has been buying real estate judgments since 1986. Their experienced judgment evaluators will review your judgment to determine if you are a good fit. Selling your real estate judgment or lien is easy and simple through Mayflower Judgments.

Real estate judgments do not last forever. They last only as long as the life of the judgment before it expires. The expiration date of judgments is different depending on the state in which the judgment was issued. A judgment can be renewed prior to the expiration date if needed. In most states, a judgment is valid for ten years.

Just because a creditor has a judgment on the property against a debtor does not mean the creditor will be paid. The creditor will either need to wait until the property is sold or they can sell the judgment to a judgment buying service. In most cases, selling the judgment is the easiest and fastest way to be paid.

The experienced judgment evaluators at Mayflower Judgments know which types of real estate judgments or liens are best suited for purchasing. Since you have taken the time to file a lawsuit and obtained a judgment, you would like to be paid. That is understandable. Selling the judgment to a company that has the time and resources to collect the judgment is the best option for many judgment creditors. Selling the judgment provides immediate cash, you do not have to worry about the creditor filing bankruptcy, and you do not have to worry about collection activities.

Selling a judgment is the best option all-around.

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