Reviewing Comprehensive Auto Insurance In Federal Way

Reviewing Comprehensive Auto Insurance In Federal Way

Washington drivers choose comprehensive insurance to obtain the highest coverage level possible. The state doesn’t require drivers to maintain full coverage. However, any vehicle that is financed must have comprehensive coverage. Local insurance companies provide drivers with information about comprehensive Auto Insurance in Federal Way.

Working with a Claim’s Adjuster

A claim’s adjuster arrives on the scene to evaluate property damage. They complete a report that details all damage sustained. The claim’s form identifies which driver is at fault. However, with comprehensive, the driver could file a claim through their own policy. They aren’t restricted to the coverage limitations of the accountable driver.

Providing a Rental Car

Comprehensive insurance provides the owner with a rental car of their choice. They use this rental until their car is repaired, or a replacement is available. The policy covers the full cost of the rental car. The driver isn’t required to maintain insurance on the rental.

New Car Replacement

Comprehensive coverage entitles the owner to a new car under certain circumstances. The vehicle must be under a specific mileage at the time of the accident. If these conditions are met, the policy helps the driver to obtain a new car that is the same model as their previous car. The owner doesn’t suffer a loss for the money they’ve paid towards an auto loan.

Repairing the Damage

The owner secures an estimate for repair services. They present this estimate to the claim’s adjuster. The carrier provides the owner with a check to cover these expenses.

If the Owner is At Fault

The vehicle owner files a claim through their policy if they are at fault in an accident. The policy offers coverage for medical expenses and damage repairs. The claim’s adjuster issues a payment to the victims of the accident after the claim is processed.

Washington drivers receive the highest coverage level through comprehensive insurance. This coverage helps them pay for the costs associated with their own vehicle. If they caused the accident, the policy fulfills their obligations to the accident victims. Vehicle owners who wish to acquire comprehensive Auto Insurance in Federal Way can contact SAV-ON Insurance for a free quote.

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