Renew a License Sticker, Pay a Utility Bill, and More in Des Plaines, IL

by | May 12, 2021 | Financial Services

Convenience can be a real time-saver. What isn’t convenient is an expired license plate in Illinois. Luckily, there is one place you can conveniently take care of errands and beat pressing deadlines.

Renew a License Plate
Renewing your vehicle license plate is quick and easy. Renewals for any month in the current year are on the spot and over-the-counter. All you need to renew your license plate are three things:

  1. Registration ID
  2. PIN
  3. Form of payment

You can locate your Registration ID and PIN on your existing registration. You will get your sticker instantly and avoid long lines. If you do not have this document, call the Secretary of State’s Public Inquiry Division.

Remember, driving with an expired license plate in Illinois can result in a fine.

Other Time-Saving Services

While getting your registration, there are many other things you can cross off your list, things like:

  • Cashing a check
  • Buying a money order
  • Paying your utilities
  • Getting a phone card
  • And much, much more

Here’s a time-saver for you. You can get a birth certificate to enroll in school, apply for government benefits, or apply for a passport. Call the number below if you have questions about vital records.

Call Today

So, don’t let an expired license plate in Illinois worry you. For more information about renewing your registration and the many other services offered by West Suburban Currency Exchanges, Inc. visit online or call (847) 299-3100. By the way, you can get your foreign currency exchange needs taken care of, too.

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