Reasons to Use a Pro Service for Vehicle Title Transfer in Illinois

When you buy or sell a car, you must contend with transferring the title to the rightful owner. Transferring a title can require more than just signing it over and taking it to the DMV. It can also involve verifying the mileage on the vehicle or checking to make sure that the vehicle identification number on the title matches the one in the car.

To ensure that your transfer is legal and valid, you need to use a professional service to handle the transaction. These reasons are some for using a professional vehicle title transfer in Illinois.

Verifying the VIN

Before a title can be considered legal and valid, it must match its vehicle identification number, or VIN, to the one on the car that you are selling or buying. The car’s owner or seller cannot simply verify this information and sign off on it on his or her own. There is too much room for error or fraud.

Instead, the state may require you to have the VIN verified in person at a vehicle title transfer location. The agent at the service can verify that all of the numbers in the VIN on the car match the same ones listed on the title.

The service can likewise verify the mileage on the car and match it to the mileage listed on the vehicle’s title. Learn more about vehicle title transfer in Illinois by contacting West Suburban Currency Exchanges, Inc.

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