How to Get a Low Rate Credit Card

How to Get a Low Rate Credit Card

Credit is one of those things that some people don’t quite understand the meaning of. Credit is not free money and you do have to pay it back, with interest. Being responsible with credit is the ultimate challenge for many people because a piece of plastic in your pocket is far easier to swipe that counting the cash you have. Credit cards charge various interest rates, depending on which company you choose. They also charge you on different scales, such as for cash withdrawals against purchases. If your monthly bill has been high because you have taken cash out you may be charged a different rate and therefore pay more for the privilege of using the credit card’s cash withdrawal facility. When you bill is broken down the percentage rate for cash could be far higher than if you buy an item in a store.

Before you decide on getting a credit card do some research of a few known cards so that you can compare their rates alongside their terms and conditions. A Low rate credit card in Reno Nevada could be financed by a local bank or credit union, thereby giving you a generally lower rate than somewhere else in the country.

Many Low rate credit cards will only offer the low rate for a fixed time, such as six months. After the end of that special rate you may find that the interest will shoot up to a higher level than you were expecting, so always check beforehand as to the terms of that card. Other cards offer zero percent balance transfer from one card to another but this doesn’t necessarily mean you will still pay a low rate. Think about it; the balance transfer will be at zero percent but anything you have already purchased using that card will not be charged at zero percent. It only applies to the total of the actual balance that is transferred from the first card to your current card.

If you live in Reno you may have an account with a State or local bank or credit union. You can start by approaching them and asking about their cards. Many credit unions will offer a credit card to their members, but again, check the rates and the terms before you sign up.

How good is your credit? If you can answer that your credit is spotless you will likely be offered a lower rate of interest because you are a low risk customer. If your credit is less than ideal you may pay a slightly higher rate because of your risk level. Always check those terms too, to be sure you are getting the best deal possible from your credit card.

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