FAQ About the Federal Health Insurance Exchange in Atlanta, GA

If you are planning on using the Federal Health Insurance Exchange in Atlanta, GA, to obtain your health insurance, you may have questions. One of the main reasons people that prevent people from using the Exchange is a lack of understanding about the process, and this article aims to help make the process an easier one to understand.

How Does Open Enrollment Work?

The term “open enrollment” refers to the period during which people are able to use the Federal Health Insurance Exchange to enroll or change their plan. This period occurs once a year, and typically the period lasts from November to the middle of December.

What Services Are Guaranteed Through Marketplace Health Insurance?

Certain services must be offered if the insurance plan is offered through the Federal Health Insurance Exchange in Atlanta GA. These include outpatient hospital care, emergency services, hospitalization, pregnancy care, newborn care, prescription medication, lab services and preventative services.

What Type of Information Will You Need to Give?

The Federal Health Insurance Exchange in Atlanta, GA, will want information about everyone in your house, including their names, employment, salaries and social security information. You will also need to provide information about your immigration status, other health coverage and taxes.

Who Is Eligible?

You must live in the U.S. or be a citizen in order to use the Exchange. You are not eligible to use the Exchange if you have Medicare or if you are incarcerated.

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