Factors That Affect the Cost of Your Car Insurance Premium

Factors That Affect the Cost of Your Car Insurance Premium

Your car insurance Winston Salem, NC premium is usually calculated by taking a closer look at all the factors believed to impact any future claims. This means that the car insurance company tries to determine whether or not you are a liability. If you are branded a risky car owner then your insurance premium will be highly priced. The only way to make sure that you get a good premium price is by first understanding all the factors that may affect your insurance premium charges. These factors can be divided into two, those that deal with the driver and those that deal with the car.

Factors that deal with the driver

Age: Teenage drivers with no prior driving experience tend to drum up relatively high insurance premium costs. This is a factor to consider before you let your teenage child drive the car because your car insurance premium will go up. Teenage drivers are not the only ones who hike up car insurance Winston Salem, NC premiums but also older drivers. In the United States for example, drivers who are above a certain age are usually required to undergo a competency evaluation if they want to retain their driver’s license. Age is an important factor to consider when getting car insurance Winston Salem, NC protection.

Driving history: If you have several traffic violations then chances are your premium charges will be high. Careless drivers tend to have higher chances of getting involved in accidents and this is the main reason why their premium charges are relatively higher.

Marital status: The research done shows that people who are married have fewer accidents when compared to other groups in the population. Insurance companies also put this into consideration and that is why married couples tend to have lower car insurance Winston Salem, NC premiums than single people.

Aspects of the car that affect overall premiums

The type of vehicle

When the classification of vehicles is being examined, two main things are put into consideration. The first is the overall performance of the vehicle and the second is the retail price of the vehicle. A luxury car will most likely be more expensive to insure because to begin with they are fast and they are also relatively expensive to replace. The make and model of the vehicle is also analyzed in order to establish whether there are any known mechanical faults of that specific car model.

Driving routine and mileage

How far you drive and where you drive to on a daily basis is also considered when calculating your car insurance Winston Salem, NC premium. If you lie about your routine and distance estimation then you risk have any future claim you make invalidated so you should take care when writing this report. A good example is a retired man versus a working man; a working man will be required to make daily trips in and out of urban areas while a retire man will only make the occasional trip to the grocery store. This is why the retired man will likely get a less expensive premium cost.

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