Endorsements Required For Commercial Auto Insurance In Sunnyvale

by | Jul 16, 2014 | Insurance

In California, commercial drivers are required to purchase insurance based on the type of vehicle that they operate. For instance, each commercial vehicle should be covered by liability insurance based on the endorsement that covers the vehicle. If you wish to discover more about Commercial Auto Insurance in Sunnyvale today, you should contact your preferred insurance carrier.

Truck Insurance Requirements

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration requires several endorsements that are attached to liability insurance offered to commercial vehicle owners. For instance, BMC-32 is required to protect against cargo losses in which the driver is liable. BMC-34 documents that the vehicle owner has adequate liability insurance as designed by the FMCSA. BMC-91 and 91-X cover all risks associated with transporting products as well as passengers across state lines.

California Specific Requirements

If the vehicle is owned by a driving school, the owner should provide proof of a driving school certificate that allows the DMV to verify their insurance for the vehicles. MCP-65 implies that the drivers have obtained their required motor carrier permit and identification number, which are equally required to obtain commercial insurance.

Commercial drivers who offer moving services to residential clients are required to file TL672 and acquire a TL671 endorsement to imply that they have purchased enough insurance to provide sufficient coverage for all cargo that is placed within the vehicle. The insurance coverage should provide protection for all liabilities associated with these services, including damage that may occur while loading, unloading, or transporting these items to the new location.

TL1000 endorsements include coverage for business vehicles in which the owner chooses to provide transportation as a courtesy. In this instance, the vehicle should be covered under at least liability insurance. This coverage only applies when transportation for passengers is not offered daily. This does not apply to for-hire transportation such as taxi cabs, buses, or trains.

Commercial automobile insurance protects the investments of businesses. This includes coverage for damage, theft, and injury. These policies cover all liabilities associated with transport of goods, client-based properties, or passengers. If you are a commercial vehicle owner and need a free quote forCommercial Auto Insurance in Sunnyvale today, you should visit us website.

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