Details About Storm Damage Insurance Claim in Nassau County, NY

In New York, storm damage and natural disasters are covered under most property insurance policies. The only exceptions are properties that are located in designated flood zones. Any property in a flood zone requires additional flood insurance. A local claims adjuster explains what property owners can expect when managing a Storm Damage Insurance Claim in Nassau County NY.

Property Inspections and Estimates

After storm damage, property owners report the damage to their insurance provider. The claims adjuster schedules an inspection of the property and secures estimates from contractors. Three estimates are recommended for the insurance claim. The findings of the inspection define the exact services needed to restore the property.

Temporary Housing Funds

Temporary housing funds are available to homeowners if they are displaced from their home. The amount of funds available to the property owner depends on the choices they make when starting the policy. The funds cover the cost of hotel fees, food, and necessities while the homeowner is displaced.

Complete Restoration Services

The property owner schedules complete restoration services after the funds for repairs are released. Some contractors complete the insurance claims for the homeowners to save time. Homeowners are advised to wait until the claim is approved before scheduling the services. If the claim isn’t approved, the homeowner incurs all cost for the storm damage remediation services. Any additional services, such as mold removal, must be approved by the insurer.

Building Code Inspections After Repairs

Once the property is restored, the contractor must schedule an inspection by local building code authorities. Any repairs that don’t meet local building code regulations must be managed promptly. Building code violations could prevent the homeowner from returning to their home after a natural disaster due to serious risks involved.

In New York, storm damage and natural disasters are managed through insurance claims. Any property owner who is displaced from their home has access to temporary housing funds to cover expenses until they can return to their home. Estimates and inspections for restoration efforts are required for all insurance claims. Property owners who want to learn more about filing a Storm Damage Insurance Claim in Nassau County NY are encouraged to contact Maximum Adjustment Inc right now. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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