Choosing a Stock Transfer Agent

One of the biggest factors to consider when choosing a stock transfer agent, is to know precisely what it is that you are looking for out of your service provider. There are some common guidelines that need to be followed when you are choosing a transfer agent to handle your stock transfers.

Factors to Consider

You will want to make sure that you look for the right fit. This means both of you having the same goals. What you want is what they want, so to speak. Do you want to find an agent who is trying to become larger than life? That is completely up to you. But you will want to make sure that both of you are on the same page. You also want to make sure that you are asking all of the right questions especially regarding regulatory changes and offing that could end up putting a great deal of pressure on your expenses or fees.

Some fees are cost-based while other ones are not. You need to ask your agent what numbers are set in stone and which ones can be improved. Make sure that the invoices and the fee schedule are uncomplicated. It is important that your agent is able to bundle specific fee categories where they are able to. Make sure that you want to use your provider for all of your stock transfer needs so you do not have to hire multiple agents and become confused. It is also important that you check the track record of the provider.

Colonial Stock Transfer Company, Inc. is a reputable transfer agent who can help make sure that all of your stock transfers happen safely and in a timely manner. It is essential that you make sure you find a transfer agent who has a lot of experience as well.

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