Asking for Help on Bail Consultation Can be Cost Effective

by | Jan 20, 2020 | bail bond

For any accused person that is arrested who is not considered a flight risk, a bail bond is typically set. Now this amount can vary depending on the accused crime. Regardless of how high the bail bond is set, most accused people simply do not have the resources to come up with the funds necessary to pay the bail. When this happens a bail bondsman can be contacted.

In most areas, including the Floyd County GA area, there are multiple bail bondsmen available. Just about all of them are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are not all the same though and do not all charge the same amount. Now there is some regulation done at the state level which limits how much a bail bondsman can charge in fees for paying the bail for an accused person.

Getting Discounts on Bail Bonds

Even with the restrictions set, the fees charged can vary some from bail bondsman to bail bondsman. Now this might seem crazy to think this way, but an accused person does actually have a little bit of negotiating power when it comes to employing the help of a bail bondsman. Just like with any other type of business, when there are multiple options available the customer does have some bargaining power. For bail bonds, this is the same. An accused person can still get discount bail bonds in Floyd County GA if they take the time to survey their options.

The very first thing that an accused person can do is to ask the bail bondsman what their charges are exactly. This is heavily regulated and fixed by the state of Tennessee. If the person states a rate that is different from the state maximum, then it is best to just hang up and call another bail bonds company.

To get free Bail Consultation in Floyd County GA savings, an accused person needs to first have a friend or family member contact each and every one of the bail bondsmen in the Floyd County GA area. They need to be asked exactly how much they will charge and what personal items they accept for securing the payment. Compare these rates and even mention them when call other bail bondsmen to see which one offers the best deal.

Another thing to ask for when choosing bail bondsman to pay an accused person’s bail is if they have any coupons. Some bail bondsmen will do advertising and will even offer a coupon discount for any person that mentions their ad. Some of the bail bondsmen even have their own website which will list any of their discounts offered to new customers. It is always worth it to ask as well as to check the local listings.

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