3 Consumer Tips to Increase Your Chances of Collecting on Past Due Balances

3 Consumer Tips to Increase Your Chances of Collecting on Past Due Balances

Talking to your customers about their past-due accounts is rarely, if ever, pleasant. Not stressing the importance could mean you never get paid. For this reason, you may consider assistance from a business collection agency.

If you prefer to try on your own, follow these three tips to recover delinquent bills. Doing so may help you recover more and preserve relationships with your customers.

Prioritize Account Balances

If you take up this task, you want to make sure your work effort pays off. One way to do this is to prioritize your calls. For instance, you may have a stack of past-due accounts ranging from $25 to $1,500. Start with new accounts and high balances, which tend to pay sooner.

Remain Positive

It may surprise you to know that a consumer can “hear” your tone over the phone. Try to remain positive and speak with a smile. Just a little positivity can make a potentially awkward conversation easier to manage.

Get a Commitment

At the end of a call with a past-due consumer, get a firm date of when they are going to pay. Paraphrase and clarify the agreement and repeat the arrangement before hanging up.

Following these tips can prepare you for managing the tough terrain of speaking with consumers about past due accounts.

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